Victorian Pleasures American Board and Table Games of the Nineteenth Century from the Liman Collection

Marisa Kayyem, Paul Sternberger

The Liman Board Game Collection is about play. It is also about meaning. The games in this fascinating collection are doubly profound aesthetically. They are beautiful to look at and also involve the ...

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Impossible Picturesqueness Edward Lear's Indian Watercolours, 1873–1875

Vidya Dehejia

Edward Lear, best known as a writer of limericks and nonsense verse, was by profession a landscape draughtsman and painter. Traveling through exotic regions such as Calabria, Corsica, Egypt and India ...

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Sexual Difference Both Sides of the Camera

Abigail Solomon-Godeau

Published in conjunction with the exhibition Sexual Difference: Both sides of the Camera, the author Abigail Solomon-Godeau confronts the issue of sexual difference and photography. She features ...

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