Brushed Voices Calligraphy in Contemporary China

Represented in this exhibition catalog are 21 leading contemporary Chinese calligraphers and their works. The exhibition, curated by the author, sampled various modern styles ranging from oracle bone, seal, bamboo, clerical, standard, and cursive scripts to noncharacter calligraphy. Each calligrapher's work is accompanied by commentary and illustrations. The book opens with information on major exhibitions, competitions, publications, organizations, education, and auction houses, and ends with an interview with Brice Marden, a contemporary American painter whose art is influenced by Chinese calligraphy. Recommended for both large public and academic libraries as one of the best on this subject.

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Foreword by David Rosand

Acknowledgments by Sarah Elliston Weiner

8" x 11"; 178 pages; 170 illustrations, 11 in color

ISBN: 1884919065



Yiguo Zhang


The Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University

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