Reflection: Seven Years In Print: The Leroy Neiman Center For Print Studies

By Faye Hirsch

Foreword by Bruce W. Ferguson and Jon Kessler

Contribution by Tomas Vu-Daniel

The LeRoy Neiman Center for the Print Studies, since its foundation in 1996, has played an increasingly important role in the School of the Arts, Columbia University. As part of the Visual Arts Division, the most interdisciplinary division within the school, the center is used by emerging artists as a place to absorb historical information, to try new and innovative reproductive possibilities for image making, and to develop skill sets in various forms of reproductivity.

Printmaking is seemingly anachronistic in the age of digital reproduction yet artists, often perverse and critical by nature and demand, resist these easy assumptions and work against the premature dismissal or closure of artistic possibilities. The publication features artists and their works that have been created at the Neiman Center such as Eric Fischl, Lee Friedlander, Carl Fudge, Ellen Gallagher, Tim Gardner, Elliott Green, William Kentridge, LeRoy Neiman, Alexis Rockman, Kiki Smith and Sarah Sze.