The Post-Pre-Raphaelite Print: Etching, Illustration, Reproductive Engraving, & Photography in England in and around the 1860s

By Allen Staley

Contributions by Martha M. Evans, Pamela M. Fletcher, Yaël Ksander, Lisa R. Leavitt, Jason M. Rosenfield, and Paul Tabor

The first purpose of the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue were to demonstrate to an American audience the beauty and interest of British prints from the decade of the 1860s.

The title of this catalogue lists four different print media: reproductive engraving, illustration, etching, and photography. Each flourished in the period, and each has been studied, collected, and exhibited in strict isolation from the other three, as if the others, for all intents and purposes, did not exist. This catalogue features and discusses instead, where they are related and what distinguishes them: their technical possibilities, economic underpinnings, traditions, and audiences.