Experiments in the Everyday Allan Kaprow and Robert Watts Events, Objects, Documents

Benjamin H.D. Buchloh, Judith F. Rodenbeck

In pairing Allan Kaprow and Robert Watts,Experiments in the Everyday offers a critical examination of a key sequence in the development of contemporary art practices. The shift from form to ...

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Brushed Voices Calligraphy in Contemporary China

Yiguo Zhang

Represented in this exhibition catalog are 21 leading contemporary Chinese calligraphers and their works. The exhibition, curated by the author, sampled various modern styles ranging from oracle bone ...

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Mastering McKim's Plan Columbia's First Century on Morningside Heights

Barry Bergdoll, Hollee Haswell, Janet Parks

Perched on Morningside Heights on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Columbia University is one of the world's most distinguished centers of learning. It is also one of New York City's leading ...

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Robert Motherwell on Paper

David Rosand

The Abstract Expressionist artist Robert Motherwell was best known as a painter, but he also created a remarkable body of works on paper. The drawings, prints, and collages in this book show a more ...

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Apostles in England Sir James Thornhill and the Legacy of Raphael's Tapestry Cartoons

Arline Meyer

Raphael's seven large gouache paintings, called cartoons, that weavers used in creating tapestries for the Sistine Chapel nearly 500 years ago exerted enormous influence on the development of ...

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The Old World Builds the New The Guastavino Company and the Technology of the Catalan Vault, 1885–1962

Janet Parks, Alan G. Neumann

The Guastavino Fireproof Construction Company was the major architectural innovator whose work is in more than 1,000 buildings in North America, was founded in 1889 by an emigré architect from ...

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The Post-Pre-Raphaelite Print Etching, Illustration, Reproductive Engraving, & Photography in England in and around the 1860s

Allen Staley

The first purpose of the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue were to demonstrate to an American audience the beauty and interest of British prints from the decade of the 1860s. The title of ...

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Unfaded Pageant Edwin Austin Abbey's Shakespearean Subjects

Lucy Oakley

This book chronicles the history of the artist's Shakespearean work, which influenced late Victorian stage productions, and examines his interpretations in the context of late Victorian attitudes ...

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Robert Smithson Unearthed Drawings, Collages, Writings

Eugenie Tsai

Robert Smithson, the earthworks artist who died when his plane crashed in 1973, is best known for his 1970 piece "Spiral Jetty," done in the Great Salt Lake. This volume, published in connection with ...

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